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Dometic TRT 140 AIR roof tent is the pinnacle of camping comfort and convenience. Designed to provide a spacious and cosy sleeping area on top of your vehicle, this roof tent is the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking an elevated camping experience.

One of the standout features of the Dometic TRT 140 AIR is its innovative AIR frame system. This ingenious design allows for a quick and effortless setup, so you can spend less time fussing with your tent and more time enjoying the great outdoors. The air beams inflate rapidly, providing a sturdy and reliable structure that supports the tent with ease. With this efficient setup process, you’ll have more time to relax, unwind, and soak in the beauty of your surroundings. 

With a significantly lighter frame compared to traditional gas-assisted or aluminium beam roof tents, inflatable roof tents offer greater ease of transport and storage. When deflated, they become more compact, making them highly convenient to carry and stow away. This reduced weight not only simplifies handling but also contributes to improved fuel efficiency, saving you money on your trip.

Measuring a generous 140 cm (55 inches) in width, the Dometic TRT 140 AIR offers ample space for you and your camping companion to stretch out and get a comfortable night’s sleep. The interior height of 110 cm (43 inches) provides enough room to sit up and move around without feeling cramped. The tent is thoughtfully designed with multiple storage pockets, allowing you to keep your essentials within easy reach.

Durability and weather resistance are key considerations in outdoor gear, and the Dometic TRT 140 AIR excels in both areas. Constructed from high-quality Weathershield™ TC material, this roof tent is built to withstand the rigours of the wilderness. The waterproof fabric ensures that you stay dry and protected from the elements, no matter the weather conditions. Reinforced seams add an extra layer of durability, ensuring that the tent remains sturdy and reliable throughout your camping adventures.

Ventilation is paramount for a comfortable camping experience, and the TRT 140 AIR delivers in this aspect as well. Large windows on all sides of the tent allow for excellent airflow and breathability. When you want some protection from insects, the mesh panels keep bugs out while still allowing fresh air to circulate. This combination of airflow and bug protection ensures a pleasant and refreshing sleep, even on warm summer nights.

The Dometic TRT 140 AIR is designed with convenience in mind. When it’s time to pack up and move on to your next destination, the tent can be easily deflated and folded down into a compact size with its tri-fold design. Its lightweight nature makes it suitable for various vehicles and won’t add unnecessary bulk or weight to your adventure. Additionally, the included storage bag keeps the tent protected and organized during transport.

Versatility is another hallmark of the Dometic TRT 140 AIR roof tent. It includes easy installation on most roof racks, making it compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, off-road rigs and small cars. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend camping trip, a multi-day expedition, or a cross-country adventure, the Dometic TRT 140 AIR is a reliable and versatile choice. It can be taken on and off as and when you like.

The tent features a secure and robust telescopic ladder, providing easy access to and from the sleeping area. The ladder can be securely attached to the tent and adjusted to the desired height for your specific vehicle setup. Its telescoping design allows for convenient storage and transportation, as it can be compacted into a smaller size when not in use.

In summary, the Dometic TRT 140 AIR roof tent is the epitome of comfort, convenience, and durability. With its innovative AIR frame system, spacious interior, excellent ventilation, and hassle-free setup, this roof tent is designed to enhance your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re embarking on a solo journey or camping with friends and family, the Dometic TRT 140 AIR offers a cosy and secure haven atop your vehicle, allowing you to experience the beauty of nature with unparalleled comfort and ease. Elevate your camping experience with the Dometic TRT 140 AIR roof tent and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Dometic TRT 140 AIR Roof Tent Features:

  • Innovative air frame system for quick and effortless setup
  • Can be erected in a few moments due to the included 12 V pump
  • Equipped with a robust single-point inflation system
  • Spacious interior measuring 140 cm (55 inches) in width
  • Comfortable height of 110 cm (43 inches) for easy movement inside the tent
  • Integrated foam mattress with space for up to two people.
  • Breathable polycotton fabric and all-round mesh windows to reduce condensation and provide comfort cool and warm weather
  • Weathershield™ TC fabric for enhanced weather protection
  • Reinforced seams for added strength and durability
  • Large windows for excellent airflow and ventilation
  • Mesh panels to keep bugs out while allowing fresh air circulation
  • Compatible with most roof racks
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy transportation and storage
  • Double fold for smaller pack size
  • Secure and adjustable telescopic ladder for safe access to the sleeping area and easy storage
  • Convenient storage pockets for keeping essentials within reach
  • Versatile use for camping, outdoor adventures, and road trips

EAN-13 5056446148443

Consists of:
1 Roof Tent, 1 Telescopic Ladder, 1 PVC cover, 1 3.2cm Foam mattress; 1 0.5cm anti-condensation mat; 1 Gale 12v electric pump; 2 storage pocket bags; 1 1.4m extension hose for a manual pump; 1 mesh storage net; 1 Tool bag ( 4 U shaped bracket, 8 M8 x 50 bolts, 4 x M8 x 16 screws, 8 M8 1mm washers, 12 M8 unscrewed washers, 4 M8 1.5mm washers, 4 M8 wing nuts, 12 Aluminium section plates, 8 M8 Plastic wheel nuts, 4 plastic end caps)

Materials used: Weathershield™ Classic

Product Dimensions: 2180mm (85.8″) L x 1450mm (57″) W x 1150mm (45.3″) H

Weight: 47.89kg (105.58 lbs)

Special Notes:
Colour: Ore
Number of persons: 2


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