Totalpower 144 Power Source


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Introducing the Totalpower 144 Power Source MSC water resistant 144 Watt Triple USB 5v & 12v, Premium Lithium-ion Power Bank. Powerful, small and ultra lightweight.

This power bank is suitable for use with The Totalcool 3000, Totalfreeze Fridges/Freezers, Phones, Tablets, USB/12v lights, Garmin, Go Pro, 12v TVs, Drones, Motorola Radios, and much more.

Totalpower 144 Power Source Features:

  • AC mains power
  • High quality, water resistant and portable lithium-ion battery
  • Built in 12v socket
  • 3 x USB sockets, 1 with fast charge
  • Built in ultra-bright torch and SOS function
  • 4 lights to indicate charge
  • Meets inflight regulations
  • FREE AC mains lead included
  • 24-month warranty


  • 144 watt / 12 amps / 38000 milli amps
  • Will charge in approximately 3-4 hours on the AC mains
  • Provides over 12 mobile phone charges from 0% battery
  • The IP rating is IPx4, reasonably efficient against rain. The protection is tested by spraying water at the enclosure from all directions for 5-10 minutes
  • Weight: 0.8kg

Find out more by watching our partners demo video here.

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