Why Avtex?

Genuine Leisure market TV’s are built to a much higher specification than a domestic TV and with
Leisure market specific features making them suitable for the application and environment they are
used in, however we see many companies not fully understanding these differences and taking a
domestic TV and adding a 12volt lead and trying to pass it off as a Leisure specific TV. Many domestic
market TV’s operate from an external 12V power pack similar to that you would find with a Laptop,
these TV’s are designed to operate on a continuous 12v supplied by the mains (230v) power pack
and NOT from a continuously fluctuating voltage from a discharging leisure battery.

The leisure battery may start off fully charge at 12.8volts but depending on usage will discharge all
the way down to flat, however when the voltage drops the current increases, this is when it can
potentially be dangerous. At best the TV will flicker on and off once the battery voltage is insufficient
to power the TV however this flickering on and off will cause premature failure of the LED screen,
another common occurrence is the heating up and sometimes melting of the DC power supply lead
and in a few cases even worse?

ALL Avtex TV’s incorporate intelligent power supply circuitry the function of this is to monitor the
supply voltage and current level from the leisure battery and if necessary provide an on-screen
warning by way of a message to inform the user that the battery voltage is too low and that the TV is
soon to power down if the battery voltage reduces further. Once the battery voltage is passed this
critical point the TV will power down in a controlled and safe manor so as not to cause any
component stress or failure.

Avtex TV’s are designed from conception for the leisure industry.

Designed for your mobile Life.