Avtex PRO Series.

Amongst the many features of Avtex TV’s is the ability to record to an external USB stick or an
external HDD, this can be done either by an instant record or even by a scheduled recording from
the EPG (TV GUIDE) a list of recordings can be viewed on screen then be played back at the user’s
leisure. However, Avtex have taken this feature one step further! Avtex Pro series can not only
record a TV programme on either platform Terrestrial TV (DVB-T/2) or on Satellite (DVB-S2) but they
can also allow the user to watch one channel and record another on either platform or even watch a
DVD whilst recording a TV programme.
Avtex TV’s are designed from conception for the leisure industry.


Introducing the new Avtex PRO Series. Whether you’ve
been contemplating buying an Avtex product or are a
frequent customer, the PRO Series will exceed all
expectations. The new aesthetic, slick design that consists
of an aluminium strip on the bottom of the 9 Series-PRO
TV/DVD to match the removable stand is pleasing on the
eye, not to forget the new slim bezels. The new features
such as being able to watch one programme and record
another at the same time adds to the many advantages
the new Avtex 9 Series PRO consists of.




Having an auto tuner built into the television not only saves time
and stress, but help simplify your experience with the product,
another leading feature within the Avtex Series 9 PRO. Through
years of innovation, not only will the TV record other programmes
whilst you watch another but it will auto tune the TV for you,
wherever, whenever. We’re not finished yet – you can even record
programmes whilst watching a DVD! The auto tuner can
successfully work across all tuners, leaving you spoilt for choice
when watching a programme on freeview whilst recording another
on a satellite channel for example.



Although the Avtex Audio mini Sound-Bar is not apart of the
Avtex PRO series it is a must have companion to your Avtex
(connection bracket for 8 and 9 series TV supplied
other brackets available) or as a stand-alone
Bluetooth speaker.
Connect via Bluetooth and enjoy wireless music from
your Bluetooth phone or devices. Designed to operate
on a 12/24V DC battery and mains voltage means this
unit is perfect for use in your caravan, motorhome or
boat as well as your home. You will be amazed at the
exceptional performance from such a compact unit.
Admire the design DNA that influences the new Avtex
Audio mini Sound-Bar.



The SB195BT comes complete with a bracket so it can
be attached to the latest Avtex TV’s for wall mounting,
simply remove the TV stand (as it is not required when
wall mounting) and use the same two holes that the
stand uses to attach the bracket and Sound-Bar.
Simple. For other makes of TV or older Avtex models
consult your retailer regarding a mounting solution.